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    Guangzhou Xincheng is a manufacturer in the environmental friendly materials and equipments.
  • 2021-07-04

Thousands of acres of plough endless, a lifetime of footpaths. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has been rooted in the land, like the diligent cattle, deep plowing. Wang Anshi and Zang Kejia praise the spirit of laohuangniu: simple, hardworking, selfless, enterprising... Isn't this the precious quality of life? Unremitting cultivation is the foundation of grain full warehouse.

Nicai has a famous saying: what matters is not eternal life, but eternal vitality. What is eternal vitality? From the red boat meeting in Nanhu, Jiaxing, to the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China, from the Internet to the 5g era, from two bombs and one satellite to Jiaolong diving into the sea... Chinese people, as the capital Chinese, we have rooted, cultivated and sowed in the land of history. We are also based on the present, steadfast and diligent, and continue to reap rich fruits.

2021, after the epidemic, at the beginning of one yuan. Our "Chinese dream" is calling ahead. However, half of the people who travel a hundred miles are 90. On the way closest to our dreams, we are not going to be quick and smooth, but we are going to be steady and steady step by step. Standing at the crossroads of the development of the times, while enjoying the dividends of modernization, we should not forget the importance of continuous cultivation. I remember that like the old cattle, there are those who do not care about their own interests, those who do not care about their own interests, those who do not care about their own interests, those who do not care about their own interests, those who do not care about their own interests, those who do not care about their own interests, and those who do not care about their own interests. Mr. Yuan Longping, the "post-90s stem king" of positive energy, vividly interprets the spirit of old cattle for us. From a young man with black hair to an old man today, he walked between the ridges of the fields, covering an area of land, and embedded the food and clothing of ordinary people in his heart. He integrated his personal desire into the development prospect of the country. His dream of enjoying the cool under the grass has become a reality, and the well-off life of the country is coming step by step.

If young people do not work hard in the present, then their personal dreams are just floating clouds, and the development of the times will be in vain. Nowadays, how many people ignore the importance of "sureness" in the ups and downs of the tide? How many people immersed in the mobile game network text forget the value of learning? Tiktok Kwai, how many people spend time and energy in shaking their hands and shaking their hands? We often catch up with the dazzling stars, but rarely light up the way for their original dreams. Standing at the starting point of the year of the ox, it coincides with the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. There has never been such a close relationship between the individual and the state as it is today. Then we should regard "cattle" as a spiritual totem, stabilize the land under our feet, live up to the times and not squander our youth.

Remember: the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now. The most beautiful time for each of us is now. Like an old cattle, it's hard to work.

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