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    Guangzhou Xincheng is a manufacturer in the environmental friendly materials and equipments.
  • 2022-06-01

In this new era of rapid information development, people not only pursue high-quality and innovative technological products, but also require products to be safe to use. Color steel sandwich panel is a popular new building material in recent years. It has the characteristics of light weight,quick installation and environmental protection. Its fire resistance is often misunderstood by customers! The following small series will explain one or two to you.

Fire protection and flame retardant are two different concepts. Flame retardant materials do not have fire resistance. Flame retardant materials are added with flame retardants to the material, which can be ignited by an open flame, but can self-extinguish when leaving the open flame. Flame retardant fabrics can slow down the rate at which the material burns. For example,the EPS sandwich panels and also non-aging foam sandwich panels, these sandwich panels are the core material itself is a flammable material, and flame retardants are added in the manufacturing process, which has the performance of being flame retardant but not fireproof .


The fire protection of objects is to add a layer of material to the core material to protect the external structure by a certain method, which can prevent the combustibles from heating up quickly and being destroyed when they encounter open fire. Color steel sandwich panels with fire resistance include silica rock sandwich panels, glass magnesium sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, etc. However, the characteristics of each core material are different, and the fire rating is also different.

Therefore, the fireproof effect of color steel plates of different core materials is different, and flame retardancy does not equal fire prevention. Dear customers and friends, it is most important to choose the right one for each color steel plate.


Xincheng is composed of a color steel sandwich panel factory, equipped with 3 automatic sandwich panel production lines and other auxiliary production and inspection equipment.

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