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  • 2021-07-29

The charm of competitive sports is that, in less than the last second, we can never know the end. An Olympic Games, changed the fate of how many athletes. With the influx of world-class flow, the price of the ship rises.

In the Post Internet era, the flow hunger and thirst make each major Internet platform invade each other. As a four-year sports event, the Olympic Games bring about a huge amount of attention and the huge flow of Internet companies want to share a piece of it.

On July 24, on the first day after the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Hou Zhihui won the women's 49 kg weightlifting champion, setting three Olympic records and winning the second gold for the Chinese Olympic team. This Tokyo Olympic Games, houzhihui round 5 years ago because of injury was not the Rio Olympic Games regret. After winning the title, houzhihui, who was very happy, wrote an exclusive writing on the hundred family number for the first time, and wrote the journey of his heart.

Baidu has also signed 23 gold medal seed players including Zhao Shuai, the Olympic flagman, xujiayu, Su Bingtian, wujingyu, the Olympic champion, Zhong angel, Guoyu and huangdongping, Wang gaolei, the gymnastics king, and the Chinese weightlifting team China diving team, two national dream teams.

As a content aggregation platform, we search and search for information and content related to the Olympic Games in Baidu. The first-hand content and real feelings provided by the Olympic champion meet the needs of users and enrich Baidu's content richness. Fans and contestants communicate and ask questions at zero distance, which shortens the distance of players out of the circle.

In the past year, due to the epidemic, many sports events have been suspended, attention to the decline, and almost no new sports stars have been born. The Olympic Games is an outbreak of industry hunger and thirst. Sports industry has not flow for too long, and finally ushered in the new king of each track. The coronation of the new king is not only a flow boom but also a business opportunity.

Liu Xiang was born in 2004, and won the hurdle champion in the track and field, a traditional black track. For a while, Liu Xiang, the flying man, became a national pride. Even Mr. hezhenliang, honorary president of the Chinese Olympic Committee, has asked for the award of the project and a gold medal for him. For a while, the media reported everything about Liu Xiang, and Liu Xiang also took a large number of high endorsement fees, and successfully realized the commercial value. With the development of mobile Internet and social media, everyone can become the era of Internet red. And the net red Ben only separated from a knock on the door brick athletes.

For example, the first gold Yang Qian of the Olympic Games originally had more than 70 microblog fans. Now, the microblog fans have exceeded 700000. No wonder the netizens said: "no one asked about the practice in ten years, and they knew about the world championship."The cooperation between athletes and the Internet is a win-win business behavior.

Under the empty field, sports events have been driven by fans and platforms from athletes and organizers. Fans who would have been on the spot to watch the Games in person, in this Olympic Games, devoted more time and energy to the production of Olympic related content and to expand the dissemination of Olympic content. And the platform also seized this opportunity to boost traffic. Under the empty space, the whole Internet has become a fan.

The outbreak is making the Tokyo Olympics the most special in history. What it changes is not only the way of the event, but also the new interactive form between the stadium and the audience. Behind an online Olympic Games, the value of the Internet is being magnified infinitely. Olympic champions, sharing their experiences online, chatting with fans on the live, not only sports, but also life and interest. The earrings worn by the Olympic first gold Yang Qian appeared in Taobao. They also enjoyed their wearing and matching.

The Olympic Games are the best combination with business and the most comprehensive sports events. The realization of business does not consume the core of the movement of "faster, higher, stronger and more united". The Internet intervention, more catalytic Olympic value, can make the Olympic traffic value maximize the presentation. Each enterprise, relying on different ecology, jointly opens the air defense road for the Olympic Games.

Athletes with flesh and blood challenge the possibility and limit of human beings, and are also remembered by time. Ordinary people, in the field with heroic feats, become the protagonist of the story. Prestige and wealth are achieved by flow through gold medals. But the Olympic champion is not a gold medal, not a medal ranking list, or the God created. The Olympic champion is the power of human beings, and a living person who can chat with fans on the live.

Since 1896, the Olympic Games have experienced 125 years, with peaks and valleys. However, the unexpected launch of the Tokyo Olympic Games seems to be bringing the Olympic Games back to human value. Hero, it is ordinary people have a great heart.

Since 1896, the Olympic Games have experienced 125 years, with peaks and valleys. However, the unexpected launch of the Tokyo Olympic Games seems to be bringing the Olympic Games back to human value. Hero, it is ordinary people have a great heart.

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